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PRODEMO was established with the aim of providing end-to-end engineering services covering all processes from product development to mass production phase.


. Project Management,

. Product Development,

. Design & Manufacturing of Molds / Equipments,

. R&D services.

PRODEMO response to all engineering needs of the customers at the same time with cost reduction, manufacturability quality focus and just-in-time support.

We aim to provide solutions, seeking excellence in design for the ever-growing engineering and design needs in almost every sector, and to adopt the principle of "Design for Manufacturing" in all our business partnerships.


DESIGN FOR MANUFACTURING (DFM) is the process of facilitating production by designing parts, components or products with the goal of producing higher quality products at a lower cost.This can be done by improving and optimizing the product design.

In the DFM process, it is examined with 5 principles;

  • Process

  • Design

  • Material

  • Environment

  • Compatibility / Test

Ideally, the DFM should occur at the outset of the design process.The purpose of DFM is to challenge the design, to take the process holistically to ensure that the design is optimized and unnecessary costs are eliminated.

Changes become more costly and more difficult to implement as design progresses through the product lifecycle. Early DFM allows for fastest implementation of design changes with minimum cost.

Often times, mistakes in designs are repeated by first copying the design from the project. Therefore, under any circumstances, the DFM approach should be used in product design process. Early DFM method will provide to reduce the risk of error and the total cost.




  • Dependability

Being a globally recognized engineering company, also preferred by its local customers, by 2030 - our 10th year in business.

To provide reliable, high quality and low-cost engineering solutions to its customers by closely following the advances in technology.

  • Innovativeness

  • Resposibility

  • Cooperation

  • Respect and Teamwork

  • Technical Competence

  • Employee Development

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